I am a fourth generation Worcester resident.  My great-grandparents, the Sjostroms, purchased a home on 3 Darling Street.  That home was passed to my grandparents, the Cunninghams and then to my sister Ronda Cortez.  My sister sold the home several years ago.

My mother moved out of Worcester when I was about three years old to Webster.  I moved back to Worcester when I purchased my first house on Burncoat Street when I was 23 years old.  I have lived in Worcester ever since.  (I am 43 years old.)

I grew up in a single parent family.  My parents divorced when I was about six years old.  My mother worked full time.  My sister and I would go home from school, lock the door and wait for her to get home.  

I attended Bay Path Vocational High School as a teenager.  I graduated second in my class concentrating in computer programing.  I worked fulltime starting at age fourteen as a security guard at Anglo Fabrics in Webster on the second shift.  When I graduated high school, I started working full time at Cranston Print Works, as a union laborer in Webster while attending Worcester State College during the day.  I had a two year scholarship to Worcester State College.

When my scholarship ran out, I joined the Massachusetts Army National Guard.  After completing Basic Training, I joined the ROTC program at WPI.  I was commissioned by Congress as a Second Lieutenant and eventually was promoted to Captain of the 1058th Transportation Company in Hingham, MA in Command of 180 soldiers.

Upon graduating with Honors from Worcester State College, I was employed in the insurance industry where I worked during the day, drilled during the weekends and completed an MBA at Assumption College earning a 3.76 grade point average in the evenings.  I also started taking courses to earn my CPCU, an insurance designation that at the time required the completion of ten intense courses.

I applied to and was accepted into New England School of Law in Boston.  Based on my grades, employment and military background, I earned a full merit scholarship.  I began working for Safety Insurance Company during the day as a manager while attending law school at night.  I graduated New England School of Law with Honors.

I started my law practice in 2002.  My areas of practice include, but are not limited to, Bankruptcy, Divorce and Personal Injury.

I was elected to City Council in 2013 and was sworn in in January 2014. I chair two subcommittees and have been a strong voice on council because, as I outlined above, I forged my own way in life and believe in the strengths of my own convictions.

I now live with my wife and two cats on Bancroft Tower Road in Worcester.